This is the first step.


And I know it’s hard. It asks of us great courage and self-compassion to take the initial leap towards looking for a right-fit therapist.

How do I know? Because I’ve done it myself.

I invite you here honoring all that has brought you this far, with the hope that I may aid in the process by sharing about who I help and how I work.

I believe loneliness, emotional overwhelm, and difficulty in relationships are all normal experiences that challenge most of us at points in life.  Whether seeking help with your marriage, a burdensome pattern of people-pleasing, a traumatic life event, or generalized anxiety/depression, my approach is dynamic and engaging, strengthened by trust in the fact that our bodies and minds want to orient towards a state of healing.  Together we'll work collaboratively on the challenges you wish to understand, explore, and change.  
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Learn more about my experience, clinical approach and style, as well as some of the life work that makes me unique.


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