Therapists have the privilege of experiencing the full gamut of humanity in our offices, and I love that my practice reflects the spectrum of diversity inherent in our social landscape. I work with adult individuals and couples from a full range of ethnicities, ages, genders, sexualities, abilities, identities and walks of life.  

There are certain areas of my professional background that may speak to you as you consider beginning therapy with me. My training and experience are in no way limited to those highlighted below, but they offer a sense of my clinical interests, passions, and exposure. If your area of need is not listed here, don’t hesitate to inquire as to my experience and availability to support you. I look forward to connecting soon.


TRauma Recovery

Everyone has experienced some form of trauma in their lives. We often associate trauma with shocking life events that stay with us and need healing - abuse, an accident, sudden death of a loved one, or other unwanted, unforeseen events. But trauma may also have occurred before we are able to speak, when the attachment bond with our earliest caregivers was disrupted or lacking in ways that leave us struggling as adults. While explicit memories may not exist, the body does not forget, and we may retain only the vague, felt sense that something is not right. Both forms of trauma involve elements that may be un-rememberable, and yet are accessible for healing when given our spacious and gentle curiosity in the present moment. The art of trauma therapy is in taking our time listening to what is ready to emerge, with greatest care towards your feeling safe and protected in the process. I have received specialized training in trauma treatments that span multiple evidence-based modalities. If you are hoping to heal from the effects of trauma, I look forward to sharing with you how I can help.

relationship challenges

Our earliest experiences of relationship form the template by which we perceive reality itself. Recent studies in the field of affective neuroscience (science of the brain and emotion) have demonstrated that disruptions in early relational experiences can leave us struggling with a variety of issues in relationships later in life. Social anxiety, fear of intimacy, jealousy and insecurity, and difficulty trusting others are common issues experienced by many. In our work together you will open towards healing from stuck patterns that have driven you in circles, and learn new, refreshing ways of relating that are grounded in your own personal truth, authenticity, and ultimately, love. My work with couples is not limited to romantic partnerships, and is open to any pairing in your life that may need care: parent/child, friends, siblings or others.


birth, parenting, and family Issues

Having worked with birthing individuals and couples for nearly a decade as a birth doula, I am familiar with the emotional landscape that can emerge once life begins to change in ways we may feel unprepared for. Alterations to one’s physical body, inner world, relationships, and the transformation of one’s identity can leave us reeling as to how to integrate our new sense of self. Fear or anxiety surrounding birth or parenthood are all normal yet difficult experiences. The potential layers of adjustment once a baby is born (sleep deprivation, mood disruptions, changes in one’s intimate relationships, postpartum anxiety or depression) may leave us feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed, and even grieving the loss of one’s former self. Birth trauma may add yet another layer of suffering to this already burdensome struggle. New parents deserve an extraordinary level of support that our culture just doesn’t organically provide. I work with people of all genders, as well as couples, to provide consistent care during this tender time. Equally, I am experienced with and passionate about providing care to those with fertility struggles, histories of miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss.

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