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Home At Last: Calling In the Disowned Parts of Ourselves

  • Delta Mind Body Center 2014 10th Street Sacramento, CA 95818 USA (map)

What necessities of life have required you to become defensive, frightened, aggressive, invisible, alone?  Parts of ourselves want to protect us in the best ways they know how, but may be working with an outdated means of coping.  If you’ve found it difficult to love certain parts of yourself, or shy away from people knowing the "real" you, come discover the unseen power, resilience and gifts of your wholeness.

Join us in creatively exploring the inner world of the shadow psyche in this dynamic and richly rewarding, four-week experiential series.

Sundays, March24 - April 14, 2019

2:00-4:00pm. Cost: $200.

Writing, art, movement, and group process will support the experience of self exploration and healing. Series co-facilitated by Rebecca Shepherd and Genevieve Fahey.

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